Having it ALL together

Having it ALL together: Knowing when and how to switch things up as occasion demands.

New Frontiers

Hello World! Can you believe we are already a week into 2016? “Happy New Year” is becoming so yesterday; we’d be getting ready for Christmas before you know it.

The Most WONDERFUL Time of the Year

Now before you begin to wonder if I got the Christmas memo a little too late, indulge me for a few minutes while I explain what I mean by “the most WONDERFUL time of the year.”

Caption This!

Hi World! Rather than my usual journal style write up, I thought I would do something a little different today: Use some of my favorite quotes to caption each image. So here goes!


Hello World! In an effort to fine tune my sewing skills, I have resolved to sew one piece of clothing per week. So last week, I decided to look back while pressing forward 🙂 Since I am still a novice, I use patterns for my clothing creations. I tried out this McCalls Pattern for last week’s…

Secret Blessings

Bye Bye August, Hello September, Hello (sudden) autumn, Hello Fashion Week Month! 😃😃😃

Live YOUR Life, Live it LOUD!

Hello *insert your first name* 🙂 I am not really sure where and how to begin this post, so I’m just going to start somewhere. It has been a whirlwind of a month this July, but I am grateful for the many opportunities that collided with me in the past several weeks. Last week, I…

Que Sera Sera…whatever will be, will be

Hello there and a Happy Monday to you! I am sure you are probably wondering if this is a review of the song “Que Sera Sera” (although i do LOVE the song) and why on earth would I write a review of a song published in 1956? Be rest assured, it is not what you think, not even close…

Patiently Persevering

Hello Hello! I trust you are doing great! Today’s post is short and sweet. Have you ever reached a point of inactivity in life, where you felt like you have plateaued? Almost like nothing is going on. You hear phrases like “I feel stuck”, “what am I doing with my life?”, “nothing is new, just…


Hello there June! And hello there You! 😃 Judging by your return to my blog, I perceive May treated you fantastically well and you can’t wait to see June unfold.