Hello there!

Thank you for visiting the Tols Creations blog! My name is Tolu aka “Tols” and I am super excited that you are here 😀

I am the humble face behind Tols Creations, a fashion accessories brand specializing in unique conversation starting bow ties. An avid designer, aspiring cosmetic scientist and a lover of all things bold and colorful (especially yellow). I am inspired by the most unusual things, places and people and I get excited at every opportunity to travel and decorate. As pertains to fashion and style, I believe that “Style is what you make it.”

Tols Creations 2.0 is a lifestyle blog featuring all things creative and inspirational to enhance your lifestyle: from clothing styling to accessories, interior decor ideas, food, photography, travel destinations and of course DIY tutorials! If it is unique and it inspires creativity, you will definitely find it here!

I hope to use this blog as an outlet to inspire CREATIVITY in you! Thanks again for visiting my blog; relax, get comfortable and let your creative juices flow!




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  1. Hello Tols 😀
    loving the blog !

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