Clothing: Ornamental or Functional?

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Lately, I have been thinking about the current state of the fashion industry; more specifically on the type and quality of garments that have been invading the marketplace over the years. It seems like its something new every year. From the infinity slit skirts to the red carpet dresses with everlasting plunging necklines; and can we talk about the “rags to riches” clothing that Yeezy presents as a collection? DPP_1532

I suppose in a world where everyone is a “designer” (or aspiring to be one), it is expected that there would be a wide variety of clothing styles available for consumers. However, in as much as I appreciate variety and creative clothing , some garments leave me wondering why anyone would make that? why would the designer ruin the garment with that?  why would anyone think this is suitable to wear as clothing?  Which brings me to the title of this post: has clothing become more ornamental than functional? DPP_1518

I remember learning in elementary school that clothing is one of the 3 fundamental needs of humans. Based on this, its safe to assume that clothing is meant to be functional right? The functionality of clothing is to cover one’s nakedness, so how is it that in our quest to add style to clothing, we have decided to abandon its need to provide coverage? DPP_1521

The most outrageous part of this is that we have become so desensitized to this, so much so that we celebrate when people bare their nakedness on magazine covers and public squares. Some refer to it as empowering and liberating and to some, it is simply art…I disagree. I think it is more a crave for attention, for people to see you and say wow what a hot body. It is poor self image if you feel the need to show some or all of their nakedness to be validated by others in order to feel empowered. DPP_1524

At this point, you are probably thinking I am an advocate for boring clothing, au contraire, an archive of my style says otherwise. As a woman, I believe that nothing is more empowering than dressing up with everything covered and yet looking resplendent. And as a gentleman, nothing says confidence than dressing proper: the thug life and tight pant looks are no longer in session, please repent! DPP_1523

I guess what I am trying to say is that you can dress to the nines  without compromising decency. So how do I know if my outfit is fulfilling its functional mandate you ask? There is no hard and fast rule to it, but I will leave you with this: can you jump without something falling out or shifting from its rightful place?

To clothing designers, be intentional in your designs, you can create beautiful garments without compromising on its decency. It is important that people have access to garments that exude confidence and grace; we all don’t want to look “sexy”, at least not in the way pop culture defines it. A huge kudos to the designers that refuse to join the popular sexy sells culture, you guys are awesome!  DPP_1529

Until next time, dress well and be unapologetically different!



Post Details

  • Location: Celebration Square, Mississauga, ON, Canada
  • Purple Collared Shirt: T.M. Lewin
  • Pencil Skirt: Asos 2004
  • Fuschia Blazer: Thrift
  • Beaded Lapel Pin: Tols Creations
  • Burgundy Heels: JustFab

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