Feminine Chic Bow Tie Looks

Hello World!

I always get questions from ladies asking for inspiration on feminine bow tie looks that do not make them “look like a man”. So I decided to start the year off with this style series. Say hello to Look #1  in the “Feminine Chic Bow Tie looks” series, I call this one Bossette. dpp_1502

This is my go to look on days I feel like wearing one of my Tols Creations bow ties. A “Bossette” is a lady boss: she is Fearlessly Ambitious, Driven, Hardworking and juggles a lot of things at the same time (think of her as the modern day “Proverbs 31” woman). Even with her busy schedule, Miss Bossette always ensures her style never suffers, she remains effortlessly chic.dpp_1501

Don’t confuse Miss Bossette here for a “feminist” (she has no time for that) or one of those ladies trying to be like a man! Au Contraire! She loves her femininity and owns it with pride! This is why she would often dabble into something unusual like incorporating a bow tie (traditionally known as a menswear accessory) into her everyday look.

She is sometimes misunderstood to be unaproachable because she looks so “serious” a lot of the times. It is really just because there is a lot going on in her mind, she does smile too…Really!dpp_1495

And at the end of the day, she cannot wait to kick off those heels and slip into a nice pair of casual footwear…while still minding her business…on her phone 😛dpp_1487

This post is dedicated to all the “Bossettes” out there, keep your eyes on your vision, own your femininity and look graceful while at it! Remain fearlessly stylish!

Tols 😉


Outfit Details


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Anne Keita says:

    SImply love it. Nice post Tols 🙂


  2. I loooooove your outfit, Kudos to you!


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