Colorfully Suited…

Hello there!

Today’s post is a style tip for those that ask me “how do you wear bold colors and make them look good?” In today’s look, I take it to the next level with a pant suit…Gone are the days of black and gray suits, say hello to some rich and bold colors!



For starters, you would need a bright colored pant/skirt suit and a white/black/grey/neutral color camisole/shirt. Your suit does not have to be a matchy matchy set, you can just pair a pant and blazer of the same (or similar) color together-like I have done here.

If you are the type that only wears neutrals and blacks, but you would really like to infuse some colors into your wardrobe, I suggest you try the less glaring “pastel” colors…Here are some examples:


You can even mix several pastel colors if you are feeling experimental. To tone it  down, try a white/black or neutral colored inner shirt. In my look, I opted for white as I wanted the look to be more bright and topped it off with a pair of leopard print shoes.


And of course a little beaded necklace and earring set to add a touch of elegance.


So go ahead and try something (colorfully) new this summer and be creative about it. The options are endless! I would like to see what you come up with, so don’t forget to tag me (@tolscreates) for a chance to get featured. Until next time, stay colorfully suited.

Unapologetically Colorful,



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