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Hello Hello Hello !

Long time no see! Its been what, 2 weeks? I have to admit it is nice to be back to my regular routine again! It took about a week to recover from my 5 days mini getaway in Los Angeles-It was much needed!DSC_0837.JPG

While many people like to travel (or dream about travelling), only a FEW (very few) actually make this a reality due to certain reasons. The most common setback I hear is that travelling is expensive. Is it? Well maybe, maybe not, it depends on you and how much value you place on travel. I personally have always loved travelling, however, I placed it on a back burner for a while because I too fell into the “its too expensive” mindset. But not anymore, I am back on the road ­čÖé ┬áDSC_0858.JPG

You see, travelling just like everything else is “expensive”, the secret is prioritizing┬áthe things you value the most and using that as a guide to your spending. It really is that simple!

Anyhoo, this post is really about sharing a few things I discovered from my recent trip to Los Angeles that would help you maximize your travel experience. Here goes:

  1. Points Points Points! If you are going to have a credit card, you may as well capitalize on the rewards. If you are like me and you love the idea of waking up in a different city every week (ok maybe not that extreme), then you should look at cards that offer rewards when you make purchases. I use the TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite card, I put EVERYTHING on it! ┬áThey are currently offering a welcome bonus of 15,000 aeroplan miles (that’s a one way trip within North America) as a welcome bonus.
  2. Take advantage of long weekends (but book waaaay early, like 2 months in advance). There is always time for a quick getaway, you just need to plan it!
  3. Checked Bags? No thank you! Save your money and use a carry on for trips shorter than 1 week. You are allowed 1 carry on and 1 Personal item. Make good use of your “personal item” and carry a tote instead of a purse.IMG_20160519_231400.jpg
  4. Consider day trips (1-2 hours drive)! Hit up Google for day trips (suggestions or activities) from the city you are visiting. From my search, I discovered that Palm Springs was not too far from LA and that I could go on a hot air balloon ride in Temacula valley. Although I did not visit Palm Springs, I eventually discovered Malibu (just less than an hour drive from LA) and boy it was just amazing!
  5. Plan your day, but do not be in a rush! In all honesty, I did not really have a plan but I had a “hit list” of the places I wanted to go. Oh and it helps when your excursion buddy/host is always ready to go (hi Jessica:-P)
  6. Need to get around? How about the public transit? Thankfully, I had Jessica to drive us around, but I definitely took the bus when when she was not available (at $1.75 a ride, why not?).

And finally! Have fun! Take in as much as you can, get some rest in between (we had to wake up at 3am to make the 5:30am sunrise hot air balloon ride). You do not want to come back from your vacation looking exhausted lol. My LA excursions ended with a nice relaxing afternoon at the El Matador Cave Beach in Malibu! Words cannot describe the view, so I will just let the pictures do the talkin…DSC_0895DSC_0896DSC_0907DSC_0926

Indescribable eh?

Speaking of Indescribable, Snapchat is a great app to share your “indescribable moments” with your family and friends while you travel. I had to download the app while in LA so that my fam jam can get a sneak peak. Before I sign off, here are the places I visited while in Los Angeles (it can serve as a guide on your next trip to LA):

  1. Beverley Centre: For the serious shopaholic and lover of fine things
  2. Nail Shop (lol does that count?)
  3. Beso on Hollywood Blvd  (their food is delicious, but a little dark in there): Owned by Eva Longoria and this one Chef guy.
  4. Santa Monica Pier: I visited twice during the day and at night (I wanted to see a comparison)
  5. Griffith Observatory (this makes for a nice Hike)
  6. Hollywood Valley
  7. Hollywood Walk of Fame (erm, I was not impressed, but you may like it)
  8. Downtown LA was very nice too. The rooftop view at the Standard Hotel I hear is divine! (we did not get to stay long enough)
  9. Hot Air balloon ride in Perris, CA  (got a Groupon deal for this). You could also do the same in Temacula.DSC_0862
  10. El Matador Beach in Malibu. The hilltop houses and villas in Malibu are to live for

Wow I just realized┬áthat I hit up a lot of places in 4 days; the things you can do when on vacation! As you may have discovered, I am not the clubbing type, so I clearly am the wrong person to ask for the hottest club in LA. But for the “clean” adventurers, I hope you found this helpful. Questions, comments or just want to say hello? Just comment below and I will do my best to respond. Thanks for stopping by and happy wandering/travelling!

Unapologetically different while travelling,

Tolu ­čśë


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tols says:

    Thanks Princess! Lets Keep the travel passion alive ­čÖé


  2. Travelling Mentor!­čĹĆ­čĆż this is definitely a useful guide.

    I love travelling and I definitely fall into the ‘it’s expensive’ group. Well, I’m coming out of that mindset gradually by doing a within my country [Canada] venture, first. Then extend it to outta home.

    These pictures definitely speak volume of enjoyment. I can tell you had a great time.

    Liked by 1 person

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