Spring into Colors: The Highlighter Effect

Hello World!

It has not snowed in almost a month, so I think it is safe to say that spring is here in Canada! Well spring kinda sorta here I suppose…You see, the way the weather is set up lately, one can easily get confused trying to decide what to wear. Maybe we ought to pay more attention to this global warming phenomenon? In any case, I decided to go with the springilicious flow, regardless of what mother nature has up her sleeves.

It is not news that I love wearing colors, but with this look, my aim was to really “highlight” that aspect of my personal style. Speaking of “highlighting” does this remind you of something?  Lol Yup! I just indirectly got my style inspiration from Sharpie Highlighters 🙂 pink yellow sharpie


To get the look, you would need a Bright colored sweater (or blouse), a contrasting colored skirt (mine was a chiffon pleated skirt), some seriously sparkly shoes to really exaggerate the look and don’t forget the purse/clutch. I incorporated a white camisole to add another layer of color and also to help transition between the colors.


Besides the occasional necklace and usual earrings, I am not too big on accessorizing, but you are free to play around with this look. Plus, my sweater had enough “blingage” going on around the neckline; instead i opted for a yellow brooch to tie into the skirt 🙂 And Voila!

DSC_0571 - Copy

I hope you are inspired to go bold and try wearing multiple colors this spring and summer! Please share your looks with me and tag #tolscreates to get featured. Here are some other Sharpie colors you can use to inspire your look 🙂 m002303227_sc7


Until next time!

Remain Unapologetically Colorful!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. i love the colours, they are beautiful!


  2. Love the pop of colours. It’s amazing how they just blend. Well done!


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