From Drab to Dapper

Hello World!

Happy Wednesday to you all. If you live in parts of the world where the temperature is at an all time low (and continues to drop below 0°C), then this post is for you. More importantly, this post is for my ever so dashing gentlemen! I hope it brightens your day and gets those creative juices flowing 🙂

Gentlemen, it is time to ditch the blacks, greys and browns and get into some bold (well not too bold) colors. Today, I will show you ways to subtly add colors to your overall look using some accessories from Tols Creations. Even if you are not one for colors, I dare you to try one or two of these looks, just take a shot at it will you? Ok! Here we go!

  1. Unconventional Wedding GuestDSC_0007

  2. Dapperly AnkaraDSC_0032

  3. Handsome DamascusDSC_0018DSC_0024

What you need to achieve any of these looks:

  1. A beige Jacket
  2. Dark colored shirt (I used a light gray shirt in these photos) and
  3. Your favorite handmade bow-tie in any color
  4. Oh and don’t forget to wear pants too 🙂

I hope these looks  inspire you to try something different with your wardrobe this spring. I would like to see how you recreate any of these looks; please share with me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Remain Unapologetically Dapper 😉



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