Life (Style) Lessons from Goodwill

Hiya World!

I have this one Aunt that would always turn her nose up every time she heard me say I just picked up some items from the thrift store. Since I am so used to that reaction, I just laugh at her. And sometimes, I  wait for her to complement my outfit and then tell her i got it from Goodwill 🙂

I just love Thrift store shopping. I have to admit I was one of those that thought it was for “poor” people, but thank God I have been delivered from that mindset 🙂 I just picked up some great items for Spencer (I will introduce Him in the coming weeks..and No Spencer is not my Dog) yesterday from Goodwill, and I cannot wait to unveil them.

Anyways, this is purely a style post to debunk the mindset that thrift store shopping is so unacceptable it is to be avoided like a plague. The opposite is true actually. I would even go as far as to say that you can look like a gazillion dollars with unique clothing items from thrift stores. Let me show you how.

Unapologetically shopping at Thrift Stores,


Fuzzy Sweater $6, “Old lady”khaki Pants $6, Call it Spring Booties $10


Glam up your look with a statement broock
These Booties add the appropriate dose of rich color needed for the outfit to be out of this world

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  1. Tols says:

    Thanks Princess! The Brooch is from Avon…several campaigns ago 🙂


  2. I love the touch up on the blog. Really nice.
    Ain’t nothing wrong with thrifting. Truth be told, I used to look down on thrifting until I saw the light.

    I love the sweater and the brooch.

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