Hello World!

Today’s post is a showcase of one of my accidental sewing experiments: My Purply Purple Skirty Skirt as I like to call it 😀 and it is inspired by the beautiful skirt in this picture from @prettyperfectliving. I paired mine with a lovely YELLOW sweater I got as a christmas gift.

Funny story about this skirt. On one of my shopping trips to Joanns Fabric in Niagara Falls, NY , I spotted this beautiful purple silk brocade fabric within minutes of entering the store. I really loved the color but the butterflies on it threw me off, so I decided to put it back, but my friend Denarius liked the fabric so he advised that I should hold on to it. IMG_0055After about an hour and half of digging through every roll of fabric that caught my eye, dragging Denarius up and down the aisle and watching him cringe at my indecisiveness, I ended up with about 7-8 different rolls of fabric including this one. Now it was time to narrow it down to the ones I REALLY loved and sadly, Purply purple silk brocade did not make the cut. IMG_2345

It would have ended there but oh nooo Denarius was not having it! LOL 😂😂😂 He said to me “you must buy this fabric” and something about me dragging him up and down the store 😐 and now refusing to buy the one fabric he actually liked. I protested against the butterflies but he was adamant, so much so that he decided to pay for the fabric and I could do whatever I wanted with it he said. IMG_2341

I have to admit, I realllyyyyyy love this skirt, I love how it flows (though I would have preferred if it were more flowy like in the picture), I even love the different colors of butterflies on it😃. It is such a versatile skirt that can be worn to a casual outing or even to a formal event, all you need is the right blouse and the perfect shoes and jewellery to bring it all together. A big thank you to Denarius for “enforcing” (and paying for) this fabric LOL. IMG_2301

I think I may reinvent the skirt by loosening the gathers to make it more flowy like in the picture above. In the meantime, enjoy my Purply purple Skirty skirt version 1.0😊IMG_2358
Unapologetically Different,




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