Having it ALL together

Hello World!

Before we get into it, I would like to point out that this post is NOT a pep talk neither is it a suggested list of things you should do to “have it all together.” What it is though is a challenge to get you to look within- a self examination and of course a style tip 😉  IMG_9973

The past few weeks has been quite overwhelming for me due to competing priorities that I have going on: from work to my leadership course to Tols Creations (blog and business) to church, family, other relationships amongst several other commitments, I am amazed i still find time to maintain a social media presence (you would agree this is much harder than having a real life). Anyways, no matter how much I tried to figure out how to balance this juggling act of mine I still end up exhausted at the end of each week.

So the other day I was watching a video on Youtube of Priscilla Shirer (the phenomenal first time actress from the critically acclaimed movie WAR ROOM); I do not recall what the video was about, but she said something that struck a cord with me. She said that having a balanced life is not always about having every area of your life look like you have it all together, but it is about identifying the season of life you are presently in and knowing which areas you need to focus the most and least amount of energy and attention (paraphrased). Get it? 

OMG! this was like an “aha moment” for me, I mean this was an answer to my weekly exhaustion. It was great to hear and realize that my attention and energy is not needed EVERYWHERE at the same time/season. What did I do you ask? I went over every aspect of my life (spiritual life, relationships, family, career, business, leisure, outings, community works….) and prioritized. Knowing the season of life that I currently am, I started by identifying the areas that are CRITICAL to my growth in this season. Then I decide how much of my time and energy is needed in each area and set boundaries around them.

So what is important to you in THIS season? You need to identify those things and set time boundaries around them. This may mean less hanging out/going out time or less phone conversations with people, you may even need to give yourself a curfew. Not to say that you would cut people off left right and center, but whatever this means, make sure you communicate this to your loved ones so that they understand why you are making this decision.

Please do note that this is not a PERMANENT SOLUTION, it is for a season. Seasons change, so it is important that you know when its time to reevaluate and switch things up. Speaking of “switching things up”, here is a style tip to help you have it all together: 1 Dress, 2 Looks- from Day to Night

Day: Start with a sweater/blazer layered on a dress. In my case, i opted for a light weight turtle neck sweater, added a bit of bling, minimal earring and these cute booties from Call it Spring.

Night: Ditch the sweater/blazer and the stockings, add some layered pearl necklace and throw on a lovely pair of heels like this one from Call it Spring and voila!


I would love to see how you have been inspired by this post to style a piece of clothing in 2 or more ways. Also what are the things you do to “keep it all together”? Comment below and share your pictures with me and tag me @tolscreations. Till then, remain Unapologetically different!




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  1. The Sartorial Coquette says:

    beautiful post and looks! I especially love that blue skirt 🙂
    Instagram: the_ch1ara


  2. thehomemakerslife says:



  3. Love the post! That skirt in the night ‘get up’ everything


  4. Thanks for sharing the words of Priscilla Shirer. I’ve just had my ‘aha moment’. Understanding the time, and aligning accordingly is very key.

    Love this post. And as always, you look lovely. I love the night look.


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