7 Female-friendly Bow tie looks

Hello there world!

Today’s post is for the ladies and the gentlemen who love to see them looking effortlessly beautiful!

I was looking through my old pictures and came across an old photo of me when I first started experimenting with bowties. I make bowties, I may as well try wearing them right? If you still think Bow ties are for men ONLY, I am here to help you think otherwise. So without further ado, I present to you these feminine bow tie looks:IMG_9534

WARNING to the Gentlemen: this post may result in sudden disappearance of your ties and bow ties!

The Denim Way: Pair a statement bowtie like these from Tols Creations with a Denim shirt and either dress it up with a skirt or tone it down with a pair of skinny jeans. Bow Tie featured is Damascus.

Classy Chic: This look brought to you by one of my favorite bloggers, Ms Sole of  LoveLifePearls. I love the classic yet dressy feel of this look. I would totally show up at a ball in this look! lovelifepearls

You can achieve this look with Adaara.Adaâra (3)

Havana Nights: The other key accessory in this look is the fedora hat. Switch it up with a different type of hat and watch the look come together. Casual-Way-To-Wear-Your-Bow-Tie

Date Nights: a Bodycon/Fitted skirt really ties this look together. Ensure your collared shirt is fitted enough so as not to cause bulges in your skirt. Bow Tie featured is GemIMG_8253

Style Rebel: This is for the rebel-break all the (style) rules kinda girl. Forget the conventional way of wearing a bow tie, wear it as a choker instead. Bow tie featured is Verve.IMG_8331

Classy with a side of Edgy:This look brought to you by another one of my favorite bloggers Edwina of Versicolor Closet. I love how she styled the Gem Bow tie and added a POP of color with the shoes! This look is timeless! printed-trousers-bedazzled-tie-14

Rolling with the (New York) Times: I have to say this is almost one of my favorite looks brought to you by a blogger i just recently discovered, Laura Yancy of Younisexstyle. I love the different elements put together to make up this masterpiece! From the newsboy hat (i see the flawless curls too), to the colorful blazer….and the Boat shoes! Lets just say I will be experimenting with this look very soon.Younisex

And that’s all folks! I hope you were able to draw some inspiration from these looks! Please try some of them and tag me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter (@tolscreations) for a chance to be featured.

Unapologetically Different and wearing show stopping bow ties,







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  1. So many options, love them all.


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