Live YOUR Life, Live it LOUD!

Hello *insert your first name* 🙂

I am not really sure where and how to begin this post, so I’m just going to start somewhere. It has been a whirlwind of a month this July, but I am grateful for the many opportunities that collided with me in the past several weeks. Last week, I attended a young adults conference in Mississauga called “LIVE IT LOUD”, and I must say it lived up to its name! It was LIVE and it was LOUD!btUfObm5c98vPcPrq5388kU3VLXVmx2uBkzpMBevIVU

This conference happens, every last weekend in July alternating between West and East coast cities across Canada.  This is my second time attending this conference, except this time, I was blessed to be a part of the planning team, made up of incredible people that I now consider family (Hi guys!).  I have to say that this was both a humbling and learning experience, one that I would never trade for anything. iAjnXH3RwNO7TjOAhqFFAGbvT6O8cYi7YxKe-QYWCVQAlthough I had been involved with planning events in the past (most of which I held the lead role and was responsible for making final decisions); this time was different. I had to consistently remind myself to take a step back and let the leader lead (though I may not always agree with some things). It was not about me, it is about the TEAM reaching its shared goal. Here are a few things I learned over the weekend:

  • Leadership is RESPONSIBILITY, and it takes a lot of sacrifice and sweat, so don’t stress your leaders, support them. It really isn’t an easy shoe to walk in.
  • Part of living life LOUD is serving others and the little you do makes a big difference. So don’t ever think you have nothing to bring to the table.
  • If you do decide to do something, make up your mind to JUST DO IT without complaining. Trust me, people are going to get on your nerves and make you want to quit.
  • In all you do, leave a mark. Put your signature to it. Don’t just do it the way everyone else does it.
  • Attending conferences not only expands your network, it also changes your perspective…so get to it! LIVEITLOUD2016 is coming! 🙂
  • Get OUT of your comfort zone, because that’s where the magic happens and you discover yourself a little bit more.
  • Be futuristic in all you do! Leave a LEGACY!
  • Your life is a non-stop movie! People are watching, so be the best example!
  • And finally, You are never too old to PLAY! Relax! Laugh a little!
co hosts
Co hosted the evening gala with these incredible gentlemen! (Funny story as to how I ended up with TWO co-hosts)

Anyways, all thanks to God, the conference was successful with young adults from all over Canada in attendance. Boy did we ever live it loud! From the energetic opening rally to the supercharged concert on Friday (Campus Rush from TLC shut down the evening) and the thought provoking (yet hilarious) teachings delivered by Pastor Dare Adeboye (He’s the real MVP)! And the Saturday Boat cruise downtown Toronto and the evening gala (of which I was privileged to co host) was definitely an experience._v_hm-9hf7MAJNnld_hMH3vPEkL7VS9aucZXL-WqRv8,2O2ymwJKMUQthhjR-ZTqmcN6GNjzqEuz_zUrDhT9K7c

The next edition of LIVEITLOUD is scheduled for Edmonton, you would not want to miss it! For pictures and videos from this conference, you can follow @YASMCANADA on IG & Twitter or like the Facebook page.IMG_20150730_182925

What I’m wearing: Red custom made dress by Tols Creations (Revamped from this post. I really went out of my comfort zone with this dress and I was amazed at the final product), Leopard Heels (Michael & Bordeaux Paris), Quo Evening Clutch (Shoppers Drug Mart) & Pearl Necklace & Button earrings to tie it all together.

Thanks for stopping by! Please comment, like, share and keep LIVING life LOUD! s83uRJbbNkl97PZCKy3RkiNp6GvhKi4wGKVlvA_2thQ

Special Shout outs:

To a lovely lady (turned friend) that I was privileged to work with and learn from in the past several months: Fikayo, you are the real MVP chickie and a shinning example! God bless you richly so that you can foot the bill for upcoming LIL conferences 😉

To Altar Pro Inc. for the ah-may-zingggg photos! Thanks Seyi! May God increase the works of your hands!

*Jaw drops* I still cannot believe i made this dress

Unapologetically Different,



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  1. Eziuche Ezzy says:

    Well articulated and written. It was a great event indeed even though it was my first of many to come (Edmonton here we come). Great job co-hosting and I must say a better job with the dress. Keep doing what you do and God bless you for your efforts towards making LIL2015 a success. Cheers

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Beautiful dress! You did an amazing work on it. I thank God for the great success of Live it Loud.


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