Patiently Persevering

Hello Hello!

I trust you are doing great! Today’s post is short and sweet.

Have you ever reached a point of inactivity in life, where you felt like you have plateaued? Almost like nothing is going on. You hear phrases like “I feel stuck”, “what am I doing with my life?”, “nothing is new, just the same old”….I don’t know about you, but I have had my share of those moments where it feels like the balls stopped rolling. So the question is, what is one to do when caught in moments like these?  

The rain did not stop me from taking my pictures. i patiently persevered 😉

This got me thinking and my mind went to these two commonly used words: PATIENCE and PERSEVERANCE! So I decided to look them up (Google is your friend) and this is what I found: 

    Here is what I got from it:

  1. Patience is almost like a temporary fix (TOLERATE), but Perseverance is a better state of being (doing something).
  2. Patience is passive, Perseverance is active. While patience makes you to just watch and wait for the cloud to clear, Perseverance makes you continue to do things while waiting for the cloud to clear.
  3. Two words from the definitions jumped at me: TOLERATE & ACTION. Patience is a great virtue, but it can be frustrating as it only allows you to tolerate things (and you can only tolerate for so long).
  4. If you do not add Perseverance to patience, you may be waiting a really long time for things to fall into place (and this inevitably brings frustration).  

So the next time you find yourself “stuck”, don’t just sit there and wallow in self pity, pick up yourself and DO SOMETHING you have always wanted to do (remain active): learn a new skill or language, volunteer, train for a marathon, knock off some items off that bucket list. Just DO SOMETHING!

 When you add perseverance to your patience by continuing in a course of action, the feeling of being stuck gradually disappears and before you know it, things begin to fall into place.

Still Unapologetically different & Patiently Persevering,


 What I am wearing: simple look with a pop of color. 


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  1. ab says:

    Good words, it can get frustrating at times but this is where purpose comes to play. When you know your purpose you will always want to achieve this aim/goal . – Pursuit of Purpose by Myles Munroe 🙂


  2. Love! Love the post. You look lovely too.


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