Hello there June!

And hello there You! 😃 Judging by your return to my blog, I perceive May treated you fantastically well and you can’t wait to see June unfold.  

May was an incredibly busy month the for me! Mehn it was one thing after the other but thankfully, they were all activities that I was particularly excited about. With that being said, I welcome June with open arms as it’s a month of transitions, changes and adjustments for me. So yea, I am looking forward to June and all the surprises that God has packed up in each day…

Speaking of transitions, I started a new role on Monday (yay me😀) and to top it off, I’d need to move closer to the work location (#operationapartmentsearch).

 Although I have been with the company for years, I now get the opportunity to work from a different side of the business and I have to say it’s already an eye opener. I don’t particularly like being new (largely due to the feeling of not knowing anything at first), but so far so good. It does help that my team is made up of amazing individuals. So here is to changes, transitions and all that comes with it.

Anyways enough about work😀! Let’s talk about my “Lady in Red” ensemble! I continue to daze myself every time I find myself in the color Red…really! I got several compliments from this look, so much so that I was beginning to consider changing my favourite color to Red! But then my Yellow senses wasn’t having it😂, so I quickly readjusted my thinking.

The dress and cute Aldo purse were gifts (who doesn’t love gifts? Especially when you look this good in it☺️) from two amazing people (you know thyselves..thanks again 😃). I thought to pair it with my ever present, never disappointing cobalt blue pumps and skinny belt. And the fasinator was just something I found as I was packing, so I decided to incorporate it somehow. 

 So what sayest thou? How would you have styled this dress? I’d love to hear your thoughts: Like, comment, share, repost, tag a friend. Don’t just sit there, do something….please😊.

Till next time and still unapologetically different,



6 Comments Add yours

  1. Oma says:

    Love the shoeessssss!!!!!!


  2. Abolade says:

    Like the red, a little bling would have been kool though ,also if you have that dress in my size I would like chica


    1. Tols says:

      Thanks…I thought I’d keep it simple n classic. Sure will see if they have your size.


  3. aronnejang says:

    You look gorgeous! Loving the bright red dress 😍


    1. Tols says:

      Thank you! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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