Half way there…when Cobalt meets Coral

Hiya there world! 😀

It gives me great pleasure as I giddily write this post….😆. Lol is “giddily” even  a word? Anyways, I hope your week is coming along nicely!

So we are almost done May, and June is slowly yet quickly approaching!  June! The 6th month of the year, and also the halfway point. So I’m here thinking “omg where has the time gone?” How much have I accomplished? 

With these questions racing through my interestingly busy mind, I do have to take time to give a huge shout out to God for having my back…always; even when I don’t trust Him enough to come through. I am thankful for the new opportunities He has provided me and the ones that are yet to come. Also, I am thankful for the colours that are being added to my life…so excited for what’s to come….will keep you posted as the story unfolds.

Anyways, speaking of colours, ever tried blue and coral?

Well here is a story of how a Cobalt Blue buba (blouse) collided with Coral as my widely loved lace skirt watches in amazement.    

I had to sneak in a selfie with one of my Mens style inspiration…Mr GQ himself.

What’d you think? How have you been adding colours to your life? I’d love to hear from you. Don’t just silently pass by; Like, share, tag, comment below, do something! 😀. Have a mindblowingly super spontaneous yet responsible week ahead. 😎

Unapologetically different,



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