DIY Foldover Clutch

Hello there!

Its been waay too long since my last post, its my utmost bad and for that I apologize 😦 So i have this really cool and simple DIY for you today, its a trendy foldover versatile clutch that can also serve as an iPad carrying case!

Besides a sewing machine, Here is what you would need (all of which can be found in a fabric store):

  • Vinyl leather (any color choice)
  • Rotary Cutter
  • Cutting Mat
  • Print Fabric
  • Ruler
  • Zipper (12-14 inches)

Lets Get Started, shall we?

  1. Cut out TWO 15″ x 18″ pieces of Vinyl leather & TWO 15″ x 18″ pieces of Print Fabric. image
  2. With wrong face facing one another, overlay a piece of the print fabric on one piece of the vinyl fabric. Then sew both together along the longer sides of the fabric. image
  3. After sewing along the longer sides, you would end up with this. Repeat the above step with the remaining print fabric and vinyl. image
  4. imageNow its time to sew your zipper on the pieces. Fold along the shorter side about a half inch and pin the right side of the zipper to the vinyl-print piece. image
  5. Then open the zipper halfway and sew the zipper along the shorter side of the fabric from one end to the other (pardon my needle hole mess, my sewing machine was having a fit). image
  6. Now close the zipper and fold and pin (or you can just fold and sew) the other vinyl-print piece to the other side of the zipper (with the print side facing upward as seen below). Then sew the zipper to the fabric. image
  7. imageimageAfter sewing the other piece to the zipper, you should end up with a long piece like this…with the zipper in the middle connecting your two individual vinyl-print pieces. imageimage
  8. With the zipper halfway open, fold over the print side onto the vinyl side, with the wrong side of the zipper outward and the right sides of the fabric inward. Did you get that?image
  9. Now sew all around all three sides (please make sure your zipper is at least half way open so that you can turn your purse inside out). You should end up with this:
    Don’t mind the black tag, that’s just my Tols Creations branding label 🙂

    This is the other side of the clutch.
  10. We are one step closer to our final product 🙂 Trim the bottom corners of the bag to reduce bulk and then turn the bag inside out and voila! image
  11. Lay a towel over the purse and with the zipper open, iron the purse as flat as you can get it.  Iron the zipper closure as well. You should end up with a less bulky bag as such: imageSo there you have it! You just made yourself a 2 in 1, one of a kind fold over clutch purse. Way to go!

This clutch purse is a great gift idea. I gave several as Christmas gifts and the recipients loved it! Keep in mind that you can have fun with this. Mix contrasting colors together or use a print fabric that has the same color as your vinyl material. Here are other variations that I made and gifted to people:image imageimage image



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  1. obafunmiloye Ogunnuyin says:

    Wonderful ideas and works you got here. Keep it up


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