How to wear Colors this Winter…Part 1 of Infinity

To the most beautiful set of people on the planet,

Happy Celebrations! I trust that 2014 is wrapping up beautifully for you as you prepare for this festive season. For those living in countries where snowfall is a norm in the winter, I say stay strong, keep warm and appreciate the beauty of winter. I am personally looking forward to a white Christmas like this one…

Somewhere in alberta, Canada. Thanks Joey for letting me use this :-)
Somewhere in Alberta, Canada. Thanks Joey for letting me use your picture 🙂

What a breathtaking view eh? Perfection at its finest! So perfect it almost looks Photoshoped (but that’s another story for another day lol)

Anyways, so I thought I would show you ways to wear colors even in the winter. Many people tend to associate winter with dull colors like blacks, browns and nudes, but not me! I say forget the “rule book” and dare to wear your brightest colors even in the winter!

So here goes…IMG-20141214-WA0014

Say no to winter blues with some Cobalt Blue…

Then add a splash of Royalty with Purple, You deserve it! 😉

Then finish it off with a pair of Rose Gold Shoes. Oh and please keep those warm coats on (don’t ditch your winter coat in your quest to look fashionably cute). Pneumonia does not look cute on you 🙂

And this is what it looks like to Slay, Kill and Bury the winter blues with Colors.

I hope this inspires you to do some creative winter slaying yourself :-D. Happy Slaying and don’t forget to tag @tolscreations in your colourful winter look. I look forward to seeing them.




3 Comments Add yours

  1. Very pretty dress and cobalt is one of my favorite colors. Love the outfit.


  2. Jess Nguyen says:

    Love the cobalt blue! Would not have thought about it.


    1. Tols says:

      Thanks Jess. It’s all about getting creative with the little we have 😊


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