Rollover or Startover?

Hello Beautiful people!

I hope you are having a great week. I am especially thankful for another opportunity to post, as I reflect on the year 2014 so far. Can you believe its December already? I mean it was just January yesterday and now we are two weeks away from Christmas, how time flies eh?

December for some people, is a time to look back and reflect on the past 11 months and re-strategize where necessary. However, as we reminisce, we find ourselves in a rut when we realize that we have not achieved some or most of the goals set earlier in January.

We quickly fall into a state of disappointment and self doubt, and we begin to compare ourselves with others that seem to have “made it.” We sit there thinking “OMG, what am I doing with my life? Where has the time gone? ” Sigh!…”

Sounds familiar? Yep! I was there and it was a stark realization. But in that moment, several thoughts crossed my mind, some of which include:

  1. Oh well, 2015 is a new year, so I can always start over 🙂 #denialmode
  2. Sure I set my goals, but did I honestly put in the work necessary to set these goals in motion? #truetalkwithyourself
  3. Why were some goals achieved and others left unachieved? What could I have done differently?
  4. Were my goals realistic and achievable?
  5. Can I get started on these unachieved goals even though they may not be achieved before the end of this year? #affirmativeaction

By the time I was done talking to myself, I realized what I needed to do and I have to admit that it helped to get out of that rut of disappointment & discouragement. One of the things I had realized was that my input determines my output. The difference between the unachieved goals and the achieved ones is the energy invested. You know, we sometimes set several goals (wish on a star, if you may) and don’t follow up with a plan of action, which ultimately leads us to disappointments when the goals are left unachieved.

On the flip side, I have to say that I am thankful to God for the seemingly little and big surprises along the way. You know, the ones that you never planned for and couldn’t have dreamt of, but God (in his adorably cute and loving ways) made it happen anyways? Yes, those ones! They are the best and you should be especially thankful for them as you reflect.

Now back to the unmet goals. After going through the process of having real talk with myself, I figured why wait for 2015 to come around before I begin my “new year resolutions”? Instead, I decided to start working on achieving the rest of my 2014 goals while making an action plan for the goals set for 2015.

So what do you say? Are you going to start working towards those unmet 2014 goals or you are just going to sit there and watch me?




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  1. Great post!

    I stopped making new year resolution back in 2010, as i never stick to them, in fact, i abandon them by the end week 1 in Jan.

    This is why i have a ‘modified’ To-do list. As this is a checklist, i feel the urge that it must get done. I break down my goals from yearly, to monthly, to weekly. I make sure that i set realistic goals, and i eliminate things (sometimes people …..unfortunately) that might hinder the goals. The process of achieving goals is not easy, it takes discipline, sacrifices and dedication.

    Sometimes, your approach may have to change, but as long as you have the end goal in mind, it will guide you through the hiccups you (will) encounter along the way.

    Again very nice post!
    -Yinka A.

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    1. Tols says:

      I felt the same way too. You’re doomed from the start when you make goals without a plan to accomplish them.

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