Candy Cane

Hello Hello Hello there beautiful people 😊

Beautifully decorated houses, jam packed mall parking lots, busy streets, Christmas carols🎶🎤 (oh joy!), Christmas parties, decorated trees🎄, shiny store front displays, end of the year get-togethers and oh lets not forget chilly wintry weather🏂 (no, not that type of cold Texans!😝I mean real negative temperature weather), I’d say its beginning to look a lot like Christmas up here in the North Pole.

And what better way to gradually usher in this festive time than to start off with the seasons’ most sought after color: Red (Candy Cane Red to be precise). With two Christmas parties to attend and an unforgettable first Sunday of December 2014 church service to attend, I woke up this morning and then this happened😯…IMG_2110

I mean, I was quite shocked😦! Perplexed😧! No hint of Yellow anywhere??? I am beginning to think that Red is the new Yellow (until December 25th, 2014 at least).

Do not let the coat in hand fool you, It was chilly outside! brrr

Anyways, Here is to a Merry Christmas in advance! Please celebrate responsibly and purposefully! Don’t get caught up in the “gift wrappings” (presents, shopping, food…), instead, appreciate and celebrate the “gift” which is Jesus Christ! All of this Christmas shindig is because of Him. And if you have no idea who this Jesus dude is, or you are not sure He knows you, then you should get to know Him. I’m pretty sure you’re going to love Him! He is just cool like that. 😊

Celebrate Him by giving more this season (rather than feeling entitlement to Christmas presents): volunteer, donate, help the needy, show kindness, show gratitude, pray for others, visit the sick, spend quality time with family members, smile, appreciate someone and above all, thank God that you are alive at this moment.

Happy Celebrating!




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  1. Very nice! Red looks good on you 🙂


    1. Tols says:

      Thanks for the comment 😃

      Liked by 1 person

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